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Filofax Newsletter

New EASY-FIND Search - making it easier to find your refills

Posted on 11th Jul 2012 @ 6:21 PM

We have just upgraded our website's search function to make it easier to find the refill you are looking for.


1. Simply locate the product code on the side of the refill (normally between the centre holes on the left hand side) see here for more info.

2. Note the first 5 numbers of the code, and enter this into the search field on our site.

3. All items on FilofaxShop will have an 'F' in the front, and

     if it is a diary the last 2 digits refer be the year.


 ie. Filofax Mini Refill - Week on 2 Pages 2013

6812113 - will be printed on the spine, where the last 2 digits indicate 2013

F6812113 - will be listed on FilofaxShop


Still can't find what you are looking for??

Call and let us do the hunting - FilofaxShop 03 9220 0597

- the home of Filofax Australia